As an individual, I strive to always continue learning, be part of changing environments where there are opportunities to grow and succeed. To be valued as an employee and most importantly as a person. I believe that I've always brought a strong skill set to the companies that I've worked with since I've been involved in managing, planning and coordination. I don't shy away from pressure, complex tasks, or projects.

In my career, I've worn many hats, of a designer, of a project planner, of an art director. I like to continue improving my knowledge profile and take on different kinds of projects. I like to be challenged by what I do, otherwise, days get repetitive.

Nowadays I am pursuing a career in UX/UI since it's an upcoming career field and encompasses quite interesting methodologies and thinking methods that I've been using a lot through my career. I've studied a lot, and I believe that I'll continue to do it so since I believe in constantly updating oneself. The careers that I've pursued complement each other, coming from editorial design I believe that User Experience really complements my previous learnings. On the other hand, User Interface is benefited by my previous experience as a senior designer in branding.