SwitchMed Connect 2018
Branding design of the event: 'SwitchMed Connect 2018'. This was the third edition of the event, hosted by the SwitchMed programme, in the Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, Barcelona. 

The idea behind the project was the union of the 8 MENA countries related to the programme, each country is assigned a colour resulting in organic flows and shapes to use as graphics. Due to the strong architecture of the San Pau a  simpler system was needed so it didn't didn't clash with the building, and also helped to convey the identity of the programme. 

I was in charge of the design and art direction for this project. The main design piece of the event was the regional newspaper, where the agenda of the event was included, that is a separate project due to its length and complexity.

Figures and backgrounds
Social media banners and media kit
Printed banners for the event
Regional newspaper 2018
Posters for the event's marketplace
Event credentials

Thank you for watching!

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